Friday, May 7, 2010

The Bench

This is just a nice poem about needing support posted from Gurze Books  in the Eating Disorders Review.
If you haven't looked through Gurze, they have some great resources for eating disorders.
 The Bench

I know the journey is hard.
There's a bench just up ahead
Under some trees.
Let's sit down,
Stop for a while.
We don't have to talk
Unless you want to.
We can listen to the birds sing,
Feel the wind,
Enjoy the view,
And see,
Really see
The life that's out there for us.
When we are both ready,
We can continue
Our journey of recovery.
I know it has its bumps
And steep hills,
But it also has its
Easier, smoother valleys and vistas.
The most important thing,
My friend,
Is that we not travel it alone.
It is a journey meant to be taken
Hand in hand.
Take mine.
by Anne Edwards

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ola said...

Simply beautiful.