Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day update

Just a quick post on my "date" yesterday. I thought there might be a few of you who would be interested in knowing how it turned out.

I got to the coffee place about 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled time to meet. I parked across the street and realized the shop looked really dark! When I walked over there to check, lo and behold, it was closed. I called new match guy (I'm going to abstain from a letter unless it goes further than a 1, 2, or maybe even a 3 date thing) to let him know. We were both kind of disappointed since that cafe got good reviews.

The good thing about this is that although we were in a downtownish area (I'm always kind of leary), there were other places open. We decided to go to a nearby Starbuck's in a mallish place. I ordered a cinnamon dolce lattee. Yummy! We sat looking over the river and bridge which was sort of romantic, though that was short-lasted with a bunch of loud kids pointing at the river, like they'd never seen one or something.

We chatted for a bit, just doing the whole "getting to know you" thing, talking about where we grew up, our families, jobs, dogs (he likes dogs yeah!), running, etc. We touched on a few what I'd call "taboo subjects, like religion but he seemed pretty open. These topics were brief which was good, because that type of thing can easily cause the date to be a disaster.

After that, we decided to see Avatar. I was quite curious, because I'd read a number of posts asking whether Avatar was making people depressed or even suicidal. I could see the depressed feeling of living in our society compared to the Na'vi, but suicidal? Umm, that seemed like a stretch. There was definitely a feel of "political-ness" in it with themes of deforestation and history of the settlers and natives long long ago. I also noted the thinness of the characters as I Hate to Weight and More wrote in her blog post. I think all the Na'vi people would all be considered underweight! Overall, I did enjoy the movie and found the whole connection with nature aspect moving. Gosh, I wish I could connect with a creature through my hair!

After that , we chatted and he walked me back to the car. I think generally speaking he seemed interested. I was pleasantly surprised as you can only get so much from an e-mail or phone call. Seeing someone face to face makes a big difference. I don't hold any big expectations o r anything, but he seems genuinely nice, caring, sensitive, is chivalrous, and has a sense of humor too. Sometimes, I wonder in this blog whether people think I have a sense of humor since I don't write particularly funny. I actually do have a sense of humor but it is more on the sarcastic side. I can throw good zingers though!

Anyway, so we'll see. There is another guy who I've been e-mailing a bit, but he's up in the air. I'll keep everyone posted on how this whole dating thing goes for me. It's seriously like exploring a foreign terrain.

Note--*I don't know if people ever used the labels to look at other posts, but I added a "related" posts right at the bottom of each post. It's set at 5 posts I believe. Anyway, it's there if anyone is interested.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the update! I was interested in how the date went. And any guy you wind up with "must love dogs-" let's just hope he is more original than the cheesy movie which shares that title! Keep us posted!

I agree 100% with your assessment of Avatar. I really liked the new "world" created and wish I could explore their world on my own (and ride one of those dragon thingys...)

The thinness of the characters bothered me too. It seemed a bit unnecessary.

Lou Lou said...

awesome!!! i am so petrified of dates haha. it sounds like it went so well! avatar is my new favourite movie, i loved it, it was made mostly in new zealand too (my home) and a lot of the language relates to maori language a lot of people reckon. i would love to see it in the 3D version at the movies!!!!!
sounds like a great date!

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, yes, those flying creatures would be awesome to fly on!!

Lou Lou, that is cool you are a Kiwi or would that be Maorian? I've always thought New Zealand was beautiful. In any case, I wondered about the language which was really distinct.

I forgot to mention about the 3D glasses. They had some effect, but not quite as much of an impact as I thought. Maybe if I was in an imax theater, it might have been different. The glasses, however, were a pain, because they kept slipping off my nose (or lack there of)

Paul said...

Can never go wrong with Starbucks but isn't it loud in there for a first date?

Kim said...

Sounds like a very successful first date! Good conversation, good coffee beverage, good movie. I've yet to see "Avatar," but I've heard about the post-movie depression thing. Anyway, I think it's great you put yourself out there! Keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun valentines day to me! i haventeen themovie but heard reviews like you did!

Rachel said...

Your first meeting spot wasn't at Mammoth Cafe, was it? I know there's a Starbucks nearby in a "mallish" place on the river, so I'm conjecturing. If it was, Mammoth closes at like 2:30 p.m., which is kind of crazy early. I work out of there sometimes and I hate that it's not open later in the evenings. If it wasn't Mammoth, disregard :)

I met my husband on Yahoo right as I was about to give up on the whole online dating thing and our first date was also at a coffeehouse (Sitwells in Clifton). Good luck to you in meeting your own Mr. Right online!