Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee and scrabble

This week has been very crazy, so I'm sorry for being a bit MIA here. After talking with my boss about the eventual plans for me and the business, work will not be slowing down any time soon. It's exciting but incredibly scary. Actually, I think the thing that scares me the most is that my name and photo is going to be on the business website, and that just causes a slight bit of paranoia. Not so much for my blog readers/twitter followers but just with former people I've worked with. This means that my name and picture are permanently there. It's not like an article that is there one day and gone the next.

Besides work, I've been trying to gather all my tax documents together to meet with the tax lady today. I don't know much about her, just going off a recommendation from someone. Due to the weather and my procrastination, we've had to reschedule our appointments several times. So today, I just knew I had to get my act together and not cancel again. I think a lot of this has to do with people viewing my financial crap and trying to explain my situation. I know as long as I get through this year, next year will be a lot easier.

Lastly, I met with a new match guy this past Friday. We met at a coffee place (different from Match guy1) which was cool except that as soon as I found it, I realized it was all parallel parking which I loathe. I actually drove around in circles to avoid this. Then, when I was in the coffee shop, I could not find the guy and had to text him asking where he was.

It was slightly funny, because when I went upstairs and walked passed a room, I heard someone say "where you going?" which was my date. I made my way back to the room, sat my coffee down, and then noticed a scrabble board. Match guy2 said whenever he comes here he plays scrabble or some board game. This was certainly different for a first date but I gave him points for creativity.

Match guy2 is very different from Match guy1. Match guy2 definitely has strong opinions about various topics. We actually got into talking about our impressions of, whether a picture was necessary, what men and women were looking for, etc. It was interesting, but he went off on a lot of tangents. Much of his speech was the use of expletives as adjectives which is a turn off for me, but if I omit this, he does converse well.

Unfortunately , I lost the scrabble game. I hate making excuses, but I had a lot of vowels and 1 point letters. I managed to get the "z" at the end of the game but could do nothing with it. I do not like bragging, but clearly,
I had better words and used more letters allowing for the board to open up. If you play scrabble a lot, you know that it is easy to pigeon hole the board if you do not use a lot of letters or play off of them.

At the end of the night, we walked outside, talked about running a bit, and then left. The last thing he said to me was that he wanted me to add him on facebook. I'm debating. It probably doesn't matter much since this guy has over 1,000 friends, I'm just picky.

Comparing Match guy1 to Match guy2, they are truly really different. From the first date, I could tell you all about Match guy1 whereas all I could say about Match guy2 is what he does for a living. It's not bad or anything, just different. There was one question I did want to ask Match guy2 but couldn't get myself to. I wanted to know about his relationship with his mother as it seems like every time he e-mails me, he has taken his mother out to brunch, lunch, dinner, etc. I don't know the circumstances, so it's not fair to judge, but I do wonder.

The one thing I can give myself credit for with this dating thing is that I am putting myself out there. It's a huge improvement from the past of holing myself up in my house or attached to some piece of gym equipment. By actually dating, it does give me an idea of what I like, don't like, could put up with, couldn't put up with, what I actually WANT.

Note--*To my new followers: I hope you are able to get something out of this blog. Please don't feel shy to comment or leave me an e-mail through my profile.


Tiger said...

I love that you're using I've been feeling kind of lost relationship-wise, and I have no clue what I'm trying to say here, either. *sigh* incoherent thought, at its best.

Cammy said...

Interesting, I am having fun keeping up with your adventures. ;) SO glad you are putting yourself out there and testing the waters! Any of them would be lucky to meet you.

Kim said...

I think it's great that you're getting out there. People really are so different, so it's good to meet a variety and enjoy yourself as much as possible :) I like following your dating tales :)

Hope the tax stuff went well. I have to gather my papers this week (blood pressure is rising as I type this).

Tiptoe said...

Tiger, aww hon, I know you've been through a lot relationship wise lately, so I can understand your feeling of "lost."

Cammy and Kim, thanks for following my adventures. It is interesting, that is for sure.

Kim, the taxes went well overall. I was a little intimidated at first since she seemed so forthright. but after telling her about myself and talking about dogs, she seemed to have eased up. We both got teary when I told her Baxter's story.

I Hate to Weight said...

ugh, i have to do my taxes. also have to renew my license and can't find any of the documents i need.

good for you for dating. you seem to have a healthy approach.

did you friend match guy2? i'm not a facebook-er, so i'm not sure of the lingo here. does he have a lot of expletives on his page? (maybe you can't swear on facebook?)

Dr. Deb said...

I love your courage!