Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back, tired, worn out

I got back early this morning. This was my first red eye flight. I barely made it to the airport in time since a few fellow attendees/friends struck up a conversation in the hotel lobby. Luckily, I made it, and one of the other staff members was also on the same flight. She told me I just missed the drama. Apparently, a man had fallen on her who happened to be suspiciously drunk. They security basically told him that he had two options: a) get a hotel room, sober up, and come back the next morning, or b) go to jail. He took Option A.

My friend picked me up, and then I headed to the new house to follow along the house inspector which took about 2 1/2 hours. Overall, the house is structurally sound. There is some minor exterior damages, but everything seems the be working appropriately. There was only one issue in the basement when we ended the inspection. There was a ton of water which we think was from a clogged storm drain. This guy was pretty thorough, because he ran all the faucets for 15-20 minutes which is why it happened. Otherwise, the sellers would never have been aware of it as most people do not tend to run that much water at one time.

Other happenings today included spending time with the seller's two year old son. The grandmother was there, but he wanted me to show me his room, trucks, toys, etc. He was quite the precocious character, and at one point decided he really did not need pants. Apparently, he has been learning potty training and is not keen on the pants thing. The grandmother asked if I had kids, because she felt I was good with them. I just told her I had four dogs. ;-) It was a nice compliment though.

Speaking of which, it was so great to see my brood. They were so happy to see me. I know they will be even happier when I get my box that I sent to my address with a lot of treats I bought at the conference. If I did not ship a box back, I probably would have gone overweight on luggage. Eighty pounds is my record which was before they lowered it to fifty. Luggage weighed in at forty-two pounds.

I'll post some goals accomplished at the conference, because I think they truly were "big" things for me. Now, I'm heading to bed!

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