Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My bad luck with cell phones

Last Thursday, I managed to destroy my cell phone. Nope, I didn't drop it despite the many times that's happened. I somehow managed to flip my phone into the remnants of my bowl of noodles I'd had for dinner that night. By this point, there was only the liquid portion left. I immediately got the phone, tried cleaning and wiping it off. It looked okay, but about 30 minutes later when I checked my phone, there was a voice mail from my father. I tried to check it but heard nothing. I tried all those things like taking the battery out, turning it on/off, etc. Nope, nothing. Then the phone began to read carkit. Hmm, I really didn't know what that meant other than something to do with the car. Then I began hearing crinkly noise which kind of suggested it probably short circuited.

The next day, I turned it on and got about 10 seconds of audio, but then it went back to silence. I took it into the verizon store where they cleaned it, but again to no avail. I was pretty bummed as I really liked that phone. I was ineligible for a new phone since I'd only had that one since June and no insurance. I ended up purchasing a Samsung phone from one of the reps' personal stock. I wasn't happy paying the $115 but knew I needed something. I could just imagine Murphy's Law happening to me since my cell is the only phone access I have.

I've had the new phone since then and hate it. It's perfectly workable, but I miss my speaker phone. Yeah, kind of shallow I know. Who knew I'd be so devoted to my other phone. So against the advice of the reps, I went on ebay yesterday to check out phones. I was amazed at how many there were. I found one I wanted to bid on. There were 0 bids 4 hours before the auction ended. 20 minutes before the auction was over, there were 17 bids! I couldn't believe it. Everyone waited until the last minute. At the end, after 22 bids, someone won the auction with a price of $56 not including s/h. I surfed some more and found a different phone. It wasn't the exact same model or brand new, but looks to be good. I checked the feedback ratings which was overall positive.. I purchased that phone for $26 plus s/h and insurance. I'm hoping it gets here on Thurs., because that's the last day I can return the other phone. I'm taking a gamble here, but I'm hoping luck will be in my favor for once with cell phones. The last 4 years, I've just had crappy luck with them. Everything from dropped calls/bad reception to messages I couldn't erase to corrosion.

So things I've learned from this:
Never have your cell phone near any water or liquid substance.

On the up side of things, I still have the now defunct old phone and can use it as a "dummy" phone to train my dogs to get the phone. No wait a minute, Baxter already does that!

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