Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest visitors

So while I've been busy with things here, I also have a few new visitors. I'm not sure how long they are staying. The story is that they are from a hoarder in Chicago. A shelter took them in, but they were going to be euthanized, so some local rat rescues here, took them. It was a total of 21 rats they had to find placements for. The way rats work is that they have to be quarantined for 2-4 weeks with no other rats to ensure they are healthy. Otherwise, the entire rat colony can be killed.



The two I have, a pair of girls, I've named Matilda and Tallulah. I've never had pet rats before, but they are fun. They are easy to take care of in terms of maintenance, however, rat-proofing can be hard, harder than bunny proofing, at least in my house anyway.

I've had the girls a week in a half, and they are doing well. Matilda is more outgoing, but both take treats from me, climb into my lap, etc. Tallulah, however, will hide after a period of time out.

Anyway, if you've never had a pet rat, and you want something that is pretty easy to take care of and trainable, a rat might be for you. They are not smelly like a ferret either. They keep themselves very well groomed and do enjoy being around humans, at least these two. However, if you have other animals, you need to take caution with that. The other species may not be too happy with them, as evidence of Clover thumping for 2 hours after they got here.


Cammy said...

I've actually tossed around the idea of getting a rat or two after I move this summer, if it looked like I'd have someone willing to rat-sit when I was out of town. I've heard they make for entertaining and intelligent pets. Do they recommend to have them in pairs, or can they do okay as singletons?

Angela said...

I had a rat for a couple of years. Her name was Emery. My family enjoyed her. Yours are cuties.

Tiptoe said...

Cammy, I think you should! You'd have fun with them. I believe they do better in pairs since they are very social. If you decide to get one, do not buy one at a pet store as they are likely to be ill. Get one from a breeder or from a rescue. Some shelters also take them in as well.

Angela, cute name for your rat. That is cool you had one.

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