Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bunny antics and enrichment

Thanks for those who commented on my last post. I really appreciate it lots! I'm feeling a little better since that post, and this past week has had some interesting insights which I'll share in an upcoming post soon.

The good news about the computer cord was that it was just the cord and no damage was done to the computer. To boot, the computer repair place only charged me $41 total. Here's a photo of Clover's handi-work.

I know this was a result of not bunny proofing well and some lack of vigilance on my part even if it was for the shortest amount of time as possible. So now the cord is covered with pvc pipe until I get something else (I've tried a tubing before but she ate through it) I also realized yesterday when I was cleaning, another cord had been chewed, like totally broken in pieces. This was to my Wii.

But, despite all her mischief, I can't help but continue to provide enrichment for her. Clover now has her own weave pole set. I have posted some videos on facebook of her learning the weave poles, as well as her latest trick: jumping over the dogs. When I'm on my other computer, I will upload the file here. 

 Lastly, here is a photo of two of my three dogs plus Clover in the background just hanging out. I love her "super bunny" position.


Sensory Overload said...

Clover is fierce! Look at those bunny ears all "FORWARD POWER GO"! :)

That's great that it was only the cord that needed replacing. I had a jersey wooly bunnie named Gilberto, who despite all forms of preventative measures, found his way to cords, wall trim, legs of tables and anything else. Oh, but he was happy! And that was fine even if something was ruined.

It's great to know that you are someone who allows what happens to happen and Clover can still be who she is.

I hope to see those videos soon because that little weave pole set for a bunny looks delightful!

Thanks for sharing and be well.

ola said...
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ola said...

This post and the picture made me smile. Actually I am smiling now:) They are lovely gang!

Tiptoe, I think you should try a new business- inventing a device that protect powercords and wires from being chewed by pets (or toddlers). Seriously I know at least ten friends who experienced that!

And sometimes I wish I had ears that could cover mine eyes.

Looking forward to your insights from last week!

Tiptoe said...

Sensory Overload, yeah, Clover is who she is, and i really wouldn't change it. I actually really like her feistiness.

But definitely agree with you--bunnies just love walls, trim, cords, etc. The nice wooden cabinet I have in her room which holds her treats and the dogs, well, she totally chewed huge long lines up the door and below it. I found clear packing tape worked to deter her even with the walls.

Ola, I don't know if I could invent anything to be entirely chew proof. Bunnies and kids are pretty adamant at times. And bunnies are really strong, like they easily move pieces of things. Shes even moved my toes when she felt like they were in the way!

And yes, her ears are adorable. I really love when she is relaxed in that position. Though I know she is part mini lop so her ears will fall over like this, I actually gett= worried if they stay like this all day and she is not as energetic. Typically, she holds her helicopter ears.

Sensory Overload said...

Helicopter ears!!!! This makes me smile.

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Thanks and I hope you are well. :)

Tiptoe said...

Sensory Overload, I will send you an e-mail. There is a lot to Service Dog training, but it is certainly possible.