Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tomorrow--a 5k race

On a whim, I decided to register for a 5k race. There are actually a lot around here, and normally, I do not do 5k races, feeling like they are just too short of a distance. However, this one that is tomorrow caught my eye, because they are allowing dogs and giving a medal to the first runner/dog duo to cross the finish line. I did find it funny that they wrote in parentheses that the dog must run, meaning no doggie strollers. They are also giving a medal to the first person and stroller with baby in stroller to cross the finish line.

This will be Tovah's and my first official 5k race. I'm a bit worried about how many dogs might be there. Tovah is great with dogs as long as she has seen them before. It's the new/strange dogs she "shouts" out. I'm hoping they will not be very distracting for her, and she'll just run with me as always. I have every bit of confidence it is all bluff for her as she has never harmed a dog at all. Still though, I do not want to distress anyone else, or for them to say, "WTH did that girl bring the obnoxious, barking dog?" It's moments like this when I don't want to say I'm a dog trainer, but then again, dog trainers have a tendency to take problem cases (not that I constitute Tovah as one). It's called the "Dog Trainer's Trainer's Syndrome.

I'll post how it goes.


Angela said...

That sounds like a fun 5k! Enjoy the run, and I hope that Tovah is on her best behavior:)

sarahlynn said...

That sounds like a lot of fun - I hope to hear how it went - hopefully with pictures!
Hope Tovah behaves - maybe she'll be so absorbed in running she won't notice the other dogs? Or maybe you'll leave them all in the dust. :-D

Sensory Overload said...

Definitely sounds like a good time for all. I hope everyone enjoys it all.

Tovah is just telling those other dogs she's feeling a bit anxious that they might catch your eye. ;P