Monday, December 27, 2010

Rethinking this holiday

I have to admit, Christmas this year has been pretty good overall. Everyone arrived on time, I got to leave work a little early on Christmas eve, a few unexpected visitors showed up on Christmas day (my neighbor and our former office assistant from work-made me a beautiful afghan!), and we're all getting along. Most of the time we do get along, but at times, usually midway through the visit, my dad will get on my mom's nerves. If you don't know, my parents are divorced, both remarried, but we all get along and care for each other. I've been quite thankful to have all this as so many children are not fortunate to have divorced parents that actually get along. My fathers always said that my mother will always still be one of his true loves of his life, but they just couldn't live together on a daily basis. My mom needed something very different for a partner. But as friends, yes, they do well in that department.

Anyway, Christmas eve wound up being last minute shopping. We had forgotten some things we needed for Christmas dinner. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people who also forgot and were shopping at the eleventh hour. My dad and I made the dinner the next day. We had to improvise as I do not have the much needed deep pan to fit a small turkey in, a platter, plastic type cooking utensils for my pans, etc. But, we managed, and the dinner turned out great. I realized two things with this dinner: 1) this was my first true, big dinner at my house with more than one person as company and 2) it is finally nice to not feel so worried about an actual Christmas dinner. Before at these types of dinner, I always had fear and anxiety that just resulted in restriction and restraint.

Though this felt great yesterday, after eating that meal, plus more than usual cookies and other food, and going out to eat, now I feel full. Full is uncomfortable but not permanent. Good mantra to keep in mind.

As for everything else Christmas wise, everyone loved their gifts. The dogs loved their new toys, Clover liked her new treats, and I received some good and interesting gifts. Today, we made waffles. Yummy! We also went to the international food market which we all enjoyed, then we went to a Korean restaurant for dinner.. With the food we bought there plus the leftovers, I have SO much food. It's daunting but 'll be okay.

I am really happy that I have tomorrow and Tuesday off. I also have a shorter hour work week. I haven't quite figured this out but for now, I'm going to enjoy it. Tomorrow, we are doing stuff around the house, I'm making some egg rolls and dog biscuits, and we may go to the zoo Festival of Lights in the evening.

Overall, I really couldn't have asked for a better holiday. Though I doubt I will ever be a happy go lucky holiday person, I am feeling satisfied and not as stressed. What more can you say to that?

Oh and I have to say, Macy's has the best sales ever! Normally, I do not discuss what clothing I get, but my mom bought me a kick ass coat today at Macy's. I was looking for a peacoat but found this magenta color coat instead. It's a little long as it is not a petite but it so cool and different looking. I'll try to take a picture of it soon.


I Hate to Weight said...

i'm so glad you were able to enjoy the holiday! wonderful, wonderful.

it's such a miracle to feel better around food. may it continue to get easier and easier.

enjoy the next two days. i'm snowbound here in new jersey. going back to bed.

Tiptoe said...

Thanks Melissa! Much luck in shoveling all that snow. I have relatives around there. One is so happy to finally use his snowblower.